Message from Jenn. B:

This song is for the Fisher Cats Game (and possibly the Amherst Fourth of July celebration), so we have this Sunday and the 3rd to rehearse.

I know the rehearsal tracks include the first 4 measures, but for the sake of getting our pitch, we will start singing at measure 5.  Please pay close attention to the key changes.  The first one isn’t bad, but the transition into the key of C can be tricky, especially for the basses.  No pressure, but if we don’t get your pitch, it will be difficult for the upper voices to come in.  I do have “real” copies of this, but probably not enough for everyone.  We can share, but you can also print one out if you like. 
See you next Sunday!


Here are links to the music, in PDF format.  Download them to your computer (here’s how) and print them out.

Complete music (Thanks, Conrad!)

Here are the original scanned-in documents, in case you need them (but what Conrad created is much better):

Page 3

Pages 4-5

Pages 6-7

Pages 8-9

Pages 10-11

(You’ll need Adobe Reader to view these files, but most computers these days come with that software.  In case yours doesn’t have it, you can download it and install it for free from . )

A YouTube video of America The Beautiful:

Here are some practice tracks for America The Beautiful:


Sopranos 2





All courtesy of Jennifer Bissonette.

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