Brenda Cannon

Originally from Northern NJ, Brenda Cannon (Soprano) and husband Andy raised two daughters in Southern NJ outside of Philadelphia. They got tired of spending so much time driving to NH to visit with Brenda’s parents, sister and two brothers (and families), so, much to their teenaged daughters’ dismay, they completed the family migration to NH 10 years ago, settling in Amherst.

Brenda works in philanthropy at Catholic Medical Center in Manchester, and Andy is a rocket scientist at Lockheed Martin in Chelmsford, MA. One daughter is a PhD student in Counselling Psychology at UAlbany, focusing on addiction, and the other is an OR nurse near Ft. Lauderdale, FL. Visits to and from both locations are frequent, and time spent with their daughters brings the most joy.

Brenda is a big reader and saw an SVC poster at the Amherst library in late 2016 that prompted her to attend the Christmas concert. The music moved her to tears and helped instill the Christmas spirit. After enjoying a second Christmas concert as an audience member, she decided to take the leap and
join SVC in January 2018. She was surprised to see an acquaintance, Sharon Hickey, in the room, coincidentally joining SVC also. Brenda and Sharon often enjoy dinner together before practices.

Brenda’s husband has commented at how happy Brenda is after practices and concerts so has willingly attended all of the concerts, as have most of Brenda’s family members. They comment on the variety of music and how complex much of it is, which makes Brenda feel proud, and grateful for our excellent director and accompanist.

Brenda is not satisfied to take without giving. She knows it takes commitment, time and money to keep an organization like SVC running, so she joined the Board as the Secretary in July, 2019. The experience is all the richer, and she encourages others to join the Board. Though it has taken a while, Brenda is grateful for the new friendships she has developed, and for the strong singers who help her enhance the sounds of SVC.

Two truths and a lie about Brenda:

  1. Brenda was on the kick line in college
  2. Brenda reads about a book a week
  3. Brenda plays a mean guitar