Below, you will find some practice tracks for the current semester.

Click here to see how you can use practice tracks more effectively, including some potentially useful tools.

Instructions for the audio player:

  • Click on a title or the white arrow below it to listen.
  • Right-click on a title and “Save link as…” to download the MP3 file (see How to Download a File for details).

Instructions for viewing YouTube videos:

  • Click on the “Play” icon to play directly
  • Once you’ve started playing the video, hover over the video with your mouse, and you will see some icons/text at the bottom:
    • Click on the Play/Pause icon to play or pause the video
    • Click on the speaker icon to mute or un-mute the sound.
    • Click on “YouTube” to continue watching on the YouTube website.
    • Click on the square icon at the right to view full screen.

[Details for the Fall Program TBS]

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