How Do I Navigate Around in a Zoom Meeting?

Rather than trying to explain this here, I’ll point you to a YouTube video that explains the Zoom meeting environment and the controls that allow you to choose various options.

Please note that this video assumes that you’re the one running the Zoom meeting. In our case, Jenn will be doing that. You will have fewer capabilities. For example, you probably won’t be sharing your computer screen, although Jenn may very well do that. And you won’t be able to turn on recording. I don’t think that Jenn will be recording our Zoom meetings for privacy reasons.

Anyway, here’s the video (sorry, he’s a bit verbose, and commercially oriented; just ignore that part and listen to what he tells you that you can do.)

If you’ve never done this before, and doubt your capabilities, note that there are probably thousands of grandparents out there that are using Zoom to communicate with their grandchildren! People of all stripes and capabilities are Zooming these days!

Have fun Zooming!