Spring 2024 Program

How Can I Keep from Singing, arr. Gilpin

Nine Hundred Miles, arr. Philip Silvey

Soprano Practice

Alto Practice

Tenor Practice

Bass Practice

Ave Verum Corpus, Mozart arr. Dunn

Soprano Practice

Alto Practice

Tenor Practice

Bass Practice

How Lovely Is Thy Dwelling Place, Brahms

Soprano Practice

Alto Practice

Tenor Practice

Bass Practice

Festival Sanctus, by John Leavitt

Soprano Predominant

Alto Predominant

Tenor Predominant

Bass Predominant

Here Comes the Sun, George Harrison, arr. Billingsley

… and our very own performance of this, back in May, 2019…

The original Beatles track:

Note the quiet, strolling sound it starts with…

Soprano 1 Predominant:

Soprano 2 Predominant:

Alto Predominant:

Tenor Predominant:

Bass Predominant:

The Times They Are A-Changin’, Bob Dylan, arr. Matt Podd

Blue Skies, Irving Berlin, arr. Emerson

Medley from Guys and Dolls, Frank Loesser, arr. Huff

When I was looking for example performances for this, I came across this, by a high school Chamber Singers group, but it’s more of a performance piece. They are so good, I thought you might enjoy it!

Here’s a version with a more conventional chorus setting:

Here is a good JW Pepper practice track for our arrangement:

(Click on the image above to go to the track)

Seasons of Love, Rent, Jonathan Larson, arr. Emerson

Sweet Caroline, Neil Diamond, arr. Billingsley

The Parting Glass, Scottish/Irish Traditional Song, arr. Padki

The following is not our arrangement, but I couldn’t pass up this performance — it is sublime, and a great parting song for the concert!

Here’s ReHarmonix, performing our arrangement

And Practice Tracks for Our Arrangement

All Parts